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GrowthScience Salon Event

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Strive joined the GrowthScience Salon event at Mesh Club JHB | Date: 19 April 2018 | Time: 17:30.

The Field Institute invited us to a Salon event where we will discuss GrowthScience

– the art and science of data-led growth. We will share practical applications in

business today.

In a big data world, data science is a critical capability for any future-orientated

organisation. It is a scarce resource and its real practical applications for business

are mostly misunderstood and certainly under-utilised. Data science capabilities are

practically applied in the areas of risk management, efficiency and cost optimisation,

and customer growth.

GrowthScience focuses on customer growth, and is the art and science of turning

data into revenue.

The guest speakers:

Steve Beaumont,

CEO of Strive

Strive is a GrowthScience

firm helping clients

across growth strategy,

sales enablement, data

analytics management, and

performance marketing


Stijn Smolders, CEO of Sprout

Performance Partners

Sprout turns data into

revenue for its clients

using programmatically

bought digital media. Its

unique offering consists

of understanding and

being able to execute

digital strategies using

leading technology across

the full digital mix.

Alison Jacobson,

Partner at The Field Institute

Alison builds digital

ecosystems of people

and innovations so that

companies drive their

resilience, purpose and

performance. She was the

former Head of Digital

Advisory at Dimension Data.

The Salon will be facilitated by Alison Jacobson. Canapes will be provided, and we look forward to continuing the discussion over drinks afterwards.

Sponsored by iKineo Ventures

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